For her Nantucket wedding to her college sweetheart,  Jorie choose an amazing Temperley wedding dress in a non-traditional, embroidered chiffon print. Blanco knew the dress needed a special, detailed veil to highlight the stunning details of her gown. A zig-zag trim was hand-stitched onto a base of the lightest, softest nylon veil. The heart-shaped veil gave the bride width around the shoulders and came to a lovely subtle point at hem. It also framed Jorie’s best accessory: her incredible red hair.


How did you hear about Blanco?

Natalie I worked together at Marc Jacobs.


What made you decide to go the custom route for your dress/veil?

I wanted to wear my Mom or my Aunts veil but they didn’t make sense with my dress.  Having a veil made specifically for me felt as special.


What was the best part of working with Blanco?

Collaboration and working with my friend. I had no idea what I wanted my veil to look like and Natalie made something I love.


What do you do for a living?

Handbag Designer


How did you meet your husband?

We met in college. We started dating a few years after we graduated when two of our friends got married.


How did he propose?

Sitting on our couch, a Sunday night at home around Christmas time. He asked me to get something from his jacket pocket and there was a ring box in there. It was completely unexpected.





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