Bespoke Bridal Process

Maybe you've always had a precise vision of your perfect gown--or maybe the only thing you know is that you want a piece that's totally unique to you.  Perhaps you already have your dream dress and you need the ideal veil. No matter your starting point, Blanco Bridal provides the guidance and expertise to realize the bridal look of your dreams.  


The best part of working with Blanco was being able to play designer and the special feeling of having something made just for me. -- Jina, Blanco bride


Below, Blanco designer Natalie Otero Ossipov outlines the process:


Wedding Dress Process

We start with a casual conversation. We talk through the bride's vision, what silhouettes and fabrics she is gravitating towards. We look through a lot of curated images to ensure we are on the same page. If the bride isn't sure what she likes, I will suggest a lot of ideas or suggest that the bride go shopping for evening dresses to an idea of flattering silhouettes.

Once I have a clear understanding of what the bride is looking for, I begin sketching. I usually create between two and four designs, depending on how many variations and ideas are feeling right for the bride. At this point, I also source fabric options. Next, we meet again to go over sketches and swatches in person. I usually bring additional images to help the bride visualize what I have in mind.

When the design is complete, I pass the sketch to a patternmaker to create a pattern perfectly suited to the bride’s measurements. Then a prototype is created in substitute fabric. The prototype is adapted to fit and flatter her body. We might also make slight variations to the style—for example, adding more volume to a skirt or shortening or lengthening a train. Once the fitting is complete, the final payment is made and the prototype is sent back to the patternmaker for final adjustments. The fabric is purchased and the dress is sewn.

Finally, the big reveal! We schedule one last fitting with all necessary undergarments and final wedding shoes. This fitting is normally very quick and generally no changes need to be made.  Now all that’s left for the bride to do is stun her groom and guests when she walks down the aisle!


Wedding Veil Process

Here we also start with a casual conversation. We talk through the bride's look. She shares pictures of her dress and describes the vibe of her wedding. We talk about the total beauty look: how she will wear her hair and how she imagines her makeup. We discuss any other accessories that have been finalized. It is important to know the full picture so the veil can be the perfect final touch.

We normally share images to target the  style, the fullness, and length the bride is leaning towards. The first fit is very organic--trying on some veil styles in varying tulle qualities and playing around with lengths and fullness. By the end of the first fit, we have normally finalized the design and tulle and we proceed to a sample.

The second fit is with the wedding dress so we can ensure the colors are a perfect match and the lengths of the dress and veil complement each other. Any final tweaks are made from there. Now your bridal look is complete!


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