Married Aaron on September, 06 2014 at Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk. 

Fara is an in-demand makeup artist with multiple Celine campaigns under her belt. She has incredible taste and wanted a wedding look that was sexy and easy. Blanco helped her create a veil to complement a Roberto Cavalli dress. But a month before her wedding, Fara decided to change to a Bill Bull dress. Luckily, the veil worked just as well with the new gown! Made from a lovely drapey nylon, the veil is a circle with a comb at the center. It can be worn over the face or back. Either way is breathtaking!


How did you hear about Blanco? 

Through one of my best friends, Savannah Nash who was getting married two weeks after Aaron and I. She had her stunning wedding gown made by Blanco. 


What made you decide to go the custom route for your dress/veil? 

I wanted something very very simple as my dress was a simple silk crepe slip dress, and it’s so difficult to find simplicity with wedding accessories. 


What was the best part of working with Blanco? 

The best part for me was knowing I could trust the taste level at  Blanco. And the attention to detail and care about my veil is what I will always remember. 


How did you meet your husband?   

Aaron and I met at the foot of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. I was finishing my hike and he and a mutual friend of ours were just about to begin the hike. We were quickly introduced to each other there. We didn’t actually date until almost five years of friendship later, and I was living in NYC . 


How did he propose? 

 At the time, he was acting in a show that filmed in Vancouver. He flew home for a weekend saying he wanted to spend time with me. As soon as I opened the door he told me I had one hour to pack my bags because we had a flight to catch at JFK. He said he could only tell me that it would also be cold where we were going so to pack warm clothing. He flew me to Paris and proposed at George on the top floor of the centre pompidou, outside on the restaurant deck over some cigarettes. It was the most breathtaking thing anyone has ever done for me. 



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