Married Ian May 2016 at Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Warren, NJ

Blanco made a custom veil for Lauren in illusion tulle with a top tier in Mantilla style with French Chantilly Lace around the edge of the top layer. The chapel length bottom tier has lace applique at the bottom placed in a floating design. You can order the Lauren Mantilla Lace Cathedral Veil the from the Blanco collection.


The Meet Cute:

On Ian's first day of work in NYC, he knew Lauren was the one. As he was getting ready to leave for the day, he approached Lauren's desk and slipped her his number in front of the entire company. Everyone was very confused, and unsure as to why he was hired in the first place. After about three weeks of laying on the Ian charm, they went on their first date, and haven't been apart since.

The Engagement:

Ian picked up the engagement ring Friday after work (after months of planing with Lauren's Mom, and best friend). He planned a whole surprise proposal with family and friends that was supposed to take place two weeks later.  Everyone should've known better. Ian couldn't wait.

Lauren was getting ready for a family vacation when she realized she needed a manicure (duh). She told Ian she would be gone for an hour or two, and he said he would meet her after with the dog to grab lunch at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Ian decided it was the perfect opportunity. After a divine mani-pedi, Ian and Hesche met Lauren and took a stroll down Grace Court Alley to the Promenade. They stopped to look at skyline before walking down to eat, and the dialogue went something like this...

Ian: Remember how we were saying we should get married

Lauren: Yea

Ian: Well, I think we should do it

Lauren (somehow, still oblivious): Okay

Ian: No, I got you a ring

Lauren: What?

Ian (down on one knee): [Will you marry me]?

Lauren: Holy Sh!T. YES! OMG, give me that ring! My nails are perfect for this!

Ian: And all of our friends are back at the apartment waiting to celebrate.

Lauren: Did you clean up?



Your Look:

Dress: Monique Lhuillier from Mark Ingram

Veil: Blanco!

Shoes: Miu Miu

Jewelry: Family pieces

Something blue was a blue ribbon tied into the dress


Photographer: Ting Yi Studio


Advice to future brides:

Don’t worry about standing on ceremony. Only do the things that are important to you, and do them big! People will hardly remember the insignificant parts of the day, but will remember how happy you were, it’s infectious.


Best memory from wedding:

Our ceremony. We didn’t have a wedding party, so it was extremely intimate. Everything was so personal. Our best friend was the officiant, and the only other people up there with us were my cousin and Ian’s brother. My great aunt did a reading in Spanish for my mom’s family, and we wrote our own very romantic (and hysterical) vows. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and to this day everyone says that was the best ceremony they ever witnessed!

Best part of working with Blanco:  

Natalie was fantastic and extremely flexible with me and my schedule.  She worked tirelessly to find lace that matched my dress, and even came to my office to measure and show me swatches. 









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