Kate married Gary on June 14, 2015 in High Falls, NY.

Kate and her groom, Gary, had been taking dance lessons in preparation for the wedding, so one of her requirements was a dress she could move in with ease. She also wanted something with sleeves. Because Kate loves vintage designs from the 1920's and 30's, Blanco created a modern twist on a classic chiffon evening gown with vintage pearl buttons down the back. A blush-colored belt with rhinestones defined Kate’s waist and add a little shine.


Best part of working with Blanco:
Natalie's amazingly supportive manner and her great energy. Natalie has a talent for listening and making sure you're absolutely comfortable with your dress. She isn't flustered by last-minute adjustments, and seems to enjoy every part of the process. My dress had a beautiful flow, and I felt completely at ease throughout my day. xoxoxo
Where was your wedding:
High Falls, New York, in the beautiful Hudson Valley. We were married at Gary's Aunt & Uncle's property, in a beautiful and intimate ceremony with 55 family and friends. The property has a private pond and faces Mohonk Mountain.
How we met:
Over 20 years ago, Gary and I were working together on a movie. We were close friends but married to other people at the time and we each had young kids. We remained friends in the film industry over the years and became romantically involved many years later. We are a blended family, each with two kids, now ranging from ages 21-27.
Dress by Blanco New York. No veil, because that was something associated with my first wedding. Silver shoes by Prada (sandals on the grass and stacked heel on the dance floor).
The wonderful Cynthia DelConte: http://www.dayfornightproductions.com/
Hair extensions with one or two hair and makeup trials! Plan a quiet moment alone immediately after the ceremony- without photographers or guests, just the two of you drinking a glass of champagne and having a small bite to eat. This is a Jewish tradition, but you could make it yours in any tradition. Then face the party together.
Best Memory:
All four of our kids holding the chuppah for us, everyone under the tent for an extended meal, enjoying the dance we rehearsed! 

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